Save money to advertise your brand, products or services!

get a micro-site with a unique URL

Why spend thousands of euro to advertise your products or services when you can pay much less… Choose Maltize and invest your money in something else!

What will you get?

You will get:

  • a mini-website with a unique URL. Example:
  • a page that can be shared on social media
  • an advert that will be visible on our homepage. Micro-Sites are visible on our homepage randomly.
  • a page with multiple tagging (3) that can be reached from other Maltize pages
  • a user comment feature
  • a 1 Feature image
  • a 1 Banner image (provided by Maltize)
  • and external URL’s that can be linked to your website or your social media (website, email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, youtube, WhatsApp, Google Maps, Booking Apps, Online-Forms and much more)

Why Choose Maltize?

Maltize was created to help startup companies to grow. We are also a startup company and therefore we understand that businesses need cash to survive. We want you to use that money you saved to invest in other things, like equipment, machinery etc.

Let’s start advertising your company/business.

Get a Micro-Site for just €249.99 (one-time-payment)

Let's start getting you leads

  • A Micro-Site for a total price of €249.99 (One-Time Payment)
    a) Your Company Logo (provided by yourself)
    b) Company Profile (content writing) 500-600 words.
    c) External links to your Website, Social media, WhatsApp, Email, Messenger, Google Maps or any other online platform of your choice.
    What is a Micro-Site? A Micro-Site is usually a single-page website that is designed 100% to capture leads. Leads then are directed to your corporate website driving traffic to the parent website or other. Micro-Sites work independently from your main website. In fact, the domain will be different from your company website. Example:
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Our affordable Micro-Sites for your Business.

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START earning more money!  This is how you can increase your sales and exposure on the internet.

Micro-Sites for Businesses – Our 2 affordable plans for any business!

Micro-Site A€249.99*one-time payment of €249.99
Micro-Site B€124.99**one-time payment of €124.99

*Price includes content writing (500-600) words
**Price does not include content writing

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