A short video can communicate your perfect message!

So make sure to create a unique video to reach potential clients

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? At Maltize we can guarantee high-quality business videos for your business/company. Videography is all about capturing the right moment each time. Once you have managed to capture the right you express it in your own way.  Watch, Pause and Re-watch that special as many times as you want.

Commercial Videography is the way forward nowadays.  We can perform Corporate Videos,  Product Introduction Video, Safety Training Video, Seminar Conference Recording, Event Coverage Video, Staff, TV Commercial Videography or anything that you can think of. We also offer our videography services in the entertainment industry as well, particularly in music and sports.

Your video isn’t ready until you are 100% happy. Get your no-obligation quote now to find out how much your video project will cost.

About Maltize Business Videography

At Maltize business videography, we can cater to all the below services:

  1. Advertising & Commercial Videography
  2. Architectural & Interior Videography
  3. Case Study Videos
  4. Charity Videos
  5. Conference Videos
  6. Corporate Videos
  7. Documentary
  8. Event Videos
  9. Interview Videos
  10. Product & Branded Content Videography
  11. Promotional Videos
  12. Recruitment Videos
  13. TV Commercials

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"spot commercials" are the most common radio advertisements. Spot commercials usually last for a couple of seconds.