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Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are becoming indispensable tools in many industries like commercial photography and commercial videography.  Drones are perfect for taking high-quality aerial photographs or videos. These high-resolution images can be used to create beautiful and unique shots, which can used to create the perfect commercial for your company or business.

About Maltize Drone Service

At Maltize, we can cater to all the below services:

  1. Aerial Videography/Photography
  2. Advertising & Commercial Videography
  3. Architectural & Interior Videography
  4. Corporate Videos
  5. Event Videos
  6. Product & Branded Content Videography
  7. Promotional Videos
  8. TV Commercials
  9. Real Estate & Constructions

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"spot commercials" are the most common radio advertisements. Spot commercials usually last for a couple of seconds.