Everything starts with a simple design

and this simple design ends up being your identity

Let us create your stationery, work hand in hand with our professional designers. Stationery can include Logo design, Business cards and all other business-related paper-like letterheads, envelopes etc. At Maltize, we understand that visual communication materials such as logos, marketing materials and advertising are the key to success.

Stand out from your competitors.

Graphic Design

A company or business logo plays a huge role in a company’s growth and promotion. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly aware of what they’re buying, whether it’s a product or service. Standing out from your competition is critical to your company’s success. While most people understand the concept, many businesses fail to put it into practice. At Maltize, we can create artworks for menus, digital menus with QR codes, adverts, publications & catalogues. We will create memorable designs that will be recognised by anyone.

We can also provide graphic design for magazine ads, brochure design ads, design newspaper ads, posters ads in newspapers and magazines because we truly believe that design is the foundation of any marketing agency.

Our graphic designer’s consultants can provide you with expertise that can satisfy your business or company requirements.  Fill in the below form a free quote, whether you are a small company or an outgrown organisation.

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