Make an impression that will last for a long, Let us get creative and take your brand to the next level.

At Maltize our signage design team will work with you to design & produce stunning signage for your brand or products. All businesses want to be noticed. We will pick the best materials that are best suited to your needs.  Businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance visibility and brand awareness. That is where we come in! Maltize advertising has been created to help businesses promote products and services in the best possible way.

Graphic & Signage

At Maltize, we believe in creating strong relationships with our clients. We like to listen to our customers to understand their requirements and then design the solution in line with all their requirements. We are very proud of our design team because they place quality at the forefront of everything they do.

Signage is the design or use of signs and symbols to communicate a message. Signage is a term that is defined as all of the visual graphics (public advertisements, billboards, etc.)

We stand behind our signs, literally. We can provide you with shop signs, window signage, displays, banners, vehicle wrapping and large format printing (commercial or public display signs.). We’re proud to offer our services to all local businesses in Malta and Gozo.




We can manufacture and supply outdoor & indoor and also illuminated signs. Maltize is a dynamic company that offers high-resolution printing for excellent professional signage. We offer high-resolution metallic printing for excellent professional signage and sublimation so that we can bring the ink and fabric together as one.

Our design team have the best and highest quality equipment and the most advanced technology in the industry. This enables them to work seamlessly and cost-effectively manage projects of any size with no delay.




At Maltize we can offer all the below services:

  1. Acrylic Signs
  2. Banners & Billboards
  3. Boat Graphics
  4. Concept Design
  5. Conferences & Exhibitions
  6. Custom Displays & Signs
  7. Facade Cladding
  8. KD Signs
  9. Large Format Printing & Wallpaper (Residential or Commercial)
  10. Other Miscellaneous Signage
  11. Safety Signs
  12. Sandblast Glass Film
  13. Sandwich Boards
  14. Shop Signage & Point of Sales
  15. Totem Signs
  16. T-Shirts & Stickers
  17. TV Studio Sets
  18. Vehicle Wrapping Commercial
  19. Vehicle Wrapping Custom
  20. Window Signage & Floor Graphics

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