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We also offer affordable subscriptions that can be renewed annually (365 days). We currently have 2 subscriptions:

  • Business – Total price of €34.99 (1 Listing) – 365-Days
  • Business Pro – Total price of €139.99 (1 Listing) – 1825-Days (Pay for four years and the 1st Year for Free) Send us an email at for more information.

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You will get:

  • a page with a unique URL. Example:
  • a page that can be shared on social media
  • an advert that will be visible on our homepage. These adverts are visible and shown on our homepage randomly.
  • a page with multiple tagging (3) that can be reached from other Maltize pages
  • a user comment feature
  • a 1 Feature image
  • a 1 Banner image (provided by Maltize)
  • and external URLs that can be linked to your website or your social media (website, email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, Google Maps, Booking Apps, Online Forms and much more)

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Why Choose Maltize?

Maltize was founded to help startups achieve growth. As a startup, we recognise how crucial cash flow is to ensure survival in business. Therefore, we advise you to utilise your saved funds to invest in other important items like equipment, machinery, and other resources that can aid in expanding your business.

We believe that we can help you. Let’s grow our business together.

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  • One Advert for a total price of €249.99 (One-Time Payment)
    a) Your Company Logo (provided by yourself)
    b) Company Profile (content writing) 500-600 words.
    c) External links to your Website, Social media, WhatsApp, Email, Messenger, Google Maps or any other online platform of your choice.
    These adverts are designed to capture leads. Leads then are directed to your corporate website driving traffic to the parent website or social media platforms. Example:
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Adverts for Businesses – Our 2 affordable plans for any business!

Description *Price Note
Advert A €249.99 *one-time payment of €249.99
Advert B €124.99 **one-time payment of €124.99

*Price includes content writing (500-600) words
**Price does not include content writing

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