Margo’s – St Julian’s


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Margo’s – St Julian’s

Call it what you want: mission statement, credo, philosophy, ideology, or slogan; whatever you want to call it, it’s simply our point of view, what we believe in, and what propels us forward.

Perfection is a powerful, subjective, contentious, and difficult-to-define concept. However, we are motivated by the Holy Grail of creating the ultimate pizza. We get it right every now and then. No. We get it correct the majority of the time.

Every element has been considered. Nothing should be left to chance. Each and every pizza must be a work of beauty. Every every pizza must be a work of art. Every pizza must be prepared as though it were your last while on death row.

We think that by deconstructing the concept, removing the bullshit and going back to the roots, we have created what must be one of the best pizzas in the world.